Advertising Policy

Updated [date]

To further our mission of providing our visitors with the most accurate and reliable content and information, we may accept advertising on our website under strict guidelines.

  • The underlying policy of Wholistique is to promote and provide powerful experiences that accompany the content we publish through transparency and quality applicable to both editorial content and advertisements.
  • In order to be transparent with our community, we will use visual cues such as “Ad”, “Sponsored” or “Advertisement” to differentiate between Wholistique editorial content and third party advertising. None of the sponsored content implies endorsement.
  • The types of ads displayed on Wholistique that contradict to our mission and wellbeing of our readers, such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms, firework, explosives, racism, and pornography will be rejected, canceled, or removed.
  • Harmful or illegal products or services containing fraudulent, offensive, or deceptive material that may offend, attack, or ridicule individuals or groups on the basis of sex, age, nationality, color, religion, race, disability or sexual orientation will not be permitted.
  • Although ads on our site will generally be aligned with our mission, they will usually link to a website that is operated by a certain advertiser. Such instances imply that we have no control over the policies on the linked website, and therefore we are not accountable for the user journey and its outcome once a visitor clicks on the ad. To increase safety, we suggest that the visitors familiarize themselves with the third party’s policies and terms of use before using third party advertisers’ products and services.
  • Under no circumstances are our editorial staff and/or decisions influenced by current or potential sponsors and advertisers.
  • Wholistique may occasionally publish sponsored content. When content is provided or influenced by a sponsor, it is still subject to our editorial policy (link) which means that Wholistique expert team maintains sole discretion for determining content’s factuality and accuracy. If our editorial teams decides that the suggested sponsored content is not suitable for Wholistique website, the content will be rejected, canceled, or removed. Visible signs of sponsored content will have clear designations to ensure that our readers do not confuse such content with Wholistique original content.
  • Sponsored content may contain links to the sponsor’s website and/or other websites and promotional content in their property. Such links will be clearly marked with the “sponsored” link attribute in the page source.

This advertising policy may be subject to periodical change and all updates will be posted here.