Quality Guidelines

We are fully aware of the fact that self-development websites and content are available at every step. We are also aware that content creators may not always be experts in their respective fields.

Self-development is one of the most important aspects of our lives, affecting not only an individual, but also their family, children, health, environment, and work. It is our mission to provide you with content and information of highest quality, while the main focus stays on you – the reader.

Wholistique Editorial

Wholistique is dedicated to making self-development information understandable, trustworthy and accessible for free, so that our readers can make the best possible decisions about their life and self-improvement. All of our content is created by qualified writers and reviewed by experts to ensure scientific confirmation, accuracy and expertise.

Each article and information on Wholistique goes through a very rigorous editorial process that includes at least three people:

  1. Author
  2. Expert professional
  3. Editor in chief

Our in-house expert team reviews all content before it gets published on Wholistique. They have the right to reject a piece of content if it is inaccurate, misleading or not up to date with the latest scientific research in the respective field.

Content is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to keep information accurate and relevant. Each article shows the most recent review date and expert reviewer’s name(s), when appropriate. Selected experts also write for Wholistique, so these articles will not display information about the expert reviewer.

How We Select Links, References and Additional Resources

Citations and links to primary sources in each article conform to strict guidelines. It is imperative that our writers carefully select and implement each piece of information in accordance with scientifically verified sources as the content is intended to affect the lives of our readers. Expert reviewers and editors at Wholistique inspect all citations and links contained in the content to determine their credibility, quality and accuracy.

All citations and references used in our articles follow the Harvard Style of Referencing.

The internal guidelines we use in evaluating links to other web pages are very strict. It is our goal to establish whether the information these resources provide is authoritative, trustworthy and objective.

Up-to-date content

Our authors and experts continually monitor the latest trends in the science of their respective fields. Regular updates within the content are provided as soon as new information becomes available to the academic community.

Each article will be consistently checked according to an internally defined timeframe. Should any major scientific discoveries affecting the content occur in the meantime, each relevant article will be checked, and if needed, updated at the earliest opportunity.

Your Opinion Matters to Us

It is our mission to bring the topic of self-development to a new level by delivering exceptionally accurate and high quality content. Our goal is to be your go-to source of information in this sphere of interest.

If you think we should cover a particular topic, make sure to let us know.

We kindly ask you to send any questions or suggestions about the accuracy and accountability within our content to this link.