Stella Vark

Editor and Writer

Stella’s life goal is to explore and write about the many facets of happiness – love, health, compassion, self-knowledge, and personal fulfillment. In addition to various writing gigs, she earned her stripes as an editor and translator. Considering that she is (enthusiastically) a team player, her favorite part of her job is getting to work on long, nuanced, and collaborative articles on Wholistique.

She has a background in theoretical math and she spent a few years teaching teenagers the finer points of calculus. This left her with an appreciation for the simple things in life. When she isn’t writing or falling down research spirals, Stella likes spending time with her family, her dogs, and a good book.


Teodora Ilic

Editor and Writer

Teodora is a Europe-based writer whose 5-year writing career took her across several niches until she finally rediscovered her creative side in writing about health, wellness, and traveling. Being a Virgo and meticulous in her endeavors, she decided to explore the technical side of web content until she grew rather fond of Search Engine Optimization and all the conundrums behind it.

When she isn’t working, you’ll find her taking long strolls with her English Setter, spending time anywhere with lots of greenery, and binge-watching her favorite TV series.


Grant Brenner

Author and Contributor

Grant Hilary Brenner, MD, FAPA is a psychiatrist and an expert on mental health, relationships, and self-care and wellness who has been featured on CBS Radio, NPR, and more. Dr. Brenner brings nearly two decades of consultation, workshops, speaking engagements, therapy, and coaching to his clients, who range from individuals seeking to overcome emotional obstacles and build resilience to executives seeking to optimize their performance in the workplace.

Among his many accomplishments, he writes Psychology Today’s popular “ExperiMentations” blog and he is also the co-founder of Neighborhood Psychiatric Associates of Manhattan.

Tran Nguyen

Author and Contributor

Tran is a psychologist. She was born in Vietnam, but her second home is in Australia. Tran's interests include listening to Jazz and reading as well as being obsessed with books on existentialism. She write about what it means to be human, our existential concerns and other psychology-related topics.

Tran work with clients of all ages presenting with a wide range of issues including childhood trauma, autism, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression and sleep problems. Her therapeutic style is warm and reflective, enabling clients to feel comfortable to discuss their stories and struggles.

Damjan Tanaskovic

Editor and Writer

After teaching English for 3 years, Damjan found out that his true calling was content writing. He decided to pursue it and when the opportunity to work on a project as ambitious as Wholistique presented itself, Damjan embraced it. Having written articles on a wide array of topics, he’s found real pleasure and satisfaction in writing about productivity, health, and mindfulness, subjects very personal to him.

With an aptitude for literature and self-improvement, Damjan likes to ponder these themes over a cup of strong black coffee, always thinking that he should have had tea instead. His personal health goal is to be more physically active and discover the type of activity that stimulates his body in a way that writing stimulates his mind.

Vesela Pehlivanova

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Life Coach, Hypnotist and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Vesela is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Life Coach, Hypnotist and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As a Meditation teacher Vesela teaches Mindfulness and Meditation in one to one sessions, in group settings at different retreats, as well as in corporations. As a Life Coach and Hypnotist Vesela helps clients overcome challenges, achieve dreams and reinvent themselves day after day as they are going through their continuous personal and professional evolution.