Sofia Isabel Kavlin





Sofia Isabel Kavlin is a writer and yoga teacher from La Paz, Bolivia. Her exposure to Andean cosmology, Hinduism, Amazonian Shamanism and Dzogchen Buddhism from a very young age have shaped her vision of the world. These insights are the backbone of her writing — which touches on spirituality, psychology and life lessons. She is also the founder of the Unlearning Project (, a platform dedicated to digging past social conditionings to discover new ways of being in the world.


Overcoming The Victim Mentality

We Take Things Personally All The Time. Whether it’s cheating or a family dispute over inheritance…We’re wired to think that whenever conflict arises, we are...

‘Just Be Yourself’ — The Journey Towards Authenticity.

‘Just Be Yourself’ I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been given this piece of advice a million times. When I was about eight years...

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