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Teresa Morillas, MSc, MAS Health and Nutrition Counselor Teresa investigates and debunks nutritional myths. She passionately believes everyone deserves the right to access well-informed health and nutritional information. To accomplish this, she translates scientific research into a language accessible to everyone. Additionally, she helps you connect the dots relating to your emotional state, the food you choose, the way you eat, and your overall health. Her work focuses on digestive and hormonal health, immunity, aging, inflammation, and how stress and anxiety impact the body and mental well-being. She delivers her message through writing, counseling, teaching, and speaking at conferences. After spending fifteen years in the food and manufacturing industries, she wanted to learn the impact of food on our bodies. With that in mind, she decided to pursue further studies to complement her master's degrees in agronomy and food engineering. After an additional four years of study, she obtained a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Human Nutrition and certifications in Integrative Nutritional Health Coaching, Hormonal Health, and the Psychology of Eating.


How to Spot Hypothyroidism Even When Your Blood Work ‘Seems Normal’

“Frau Meyer, your thyroid biomarkers are fine. The TSH and Total T4 levels seem normal. The TSH is a bit in the upper range...

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