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Head of the Clinical Pharmacy Division

Ivana Baralic M.D. is a member of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy. She is also registered with the Medical Society for Sports Medicine and Serbian Nutrition Society. Ivana is one of the founders of the Serbian Center of Sports Nutrition within the Medical Society of Serbia.

Ivana’s scientific research is primarily focused on the fundamentals and applications of biomedical research through studying physiological changes induced by physical activity as well as studying the molecular potential of predicting cancer patients’ longevity. The field of her studies is interdisciplinary and it pertains to:

  • Sports-related oxidative stress (the impact of strenuous physical activity on DNA stability and antioxidant enzymes expression)
  • Sports physiology (studying the impact of physical activity on biochemical and hematological parameters)
  • Nutrition (proper nutrition and supplementation for athletes and regular patients with or without ailments)


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Five Scientific Ways Your Body Can Heal Itself

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Where to Begin When You Want to Get Healthier?

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How to Ensure the Quality of Life as You Age : Age Without Rage

When we’re young and healthy, we rarely think about what the future may bring. We don’t always live our best lives when we’re young and carefree. As a result, years pass us by, and we suddenly realize that it’s too late to fix some mistakes. If you want to enjoy aging and to ensure your […]

What is Considered a Sedentary Lifestyle

The deeper our bond with technology, the more reliant we become on it. Not too long ago, cyborgs were a thing of fantasy – a work of science fiction. However, here we are today. Part human and part machines do all the processing and calculations for us, which is an integral component of our existence. […]

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