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Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the children’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development and well-being. Parenting refers to the problems of raising a child and not exclusively for a biological relationship.

The most common caretakers are the father or the mother, or both. However, this role is often fulfilled by the biological parents of the child, although the role may be taken by an older sibling, a grandparent, a legal guardian, aunt, uncle or other family members, or a family friend.

Society and the government also have a role in child-raising. In some cases, they can even play a pivotal role in a child’s life, especially when the children are abandoned by the parents, or when the parents die, leaving no other relatives behind.

The concept of parenting has changed for the better part of human history, and so have the roles within the structure of a family. The relationship and the bond that children shared with the mother or father has also changed drastically, especially in modern societies.

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